Carlie is full of sass and absolute beauty!  This random photo shoot was fun, some photos didn’t make the cut, because they were just to full of spunk.  Thanks for allowing me to use you as my model Carlie, I had fun with you, as … Continue readingCarlie

College Good-Bye

This group of beautiful ladies attend a loud church group together.  It was important for them to have photos taken together before each one left for college.  Over the past four years, they have become close friends, trust each other and always have fun together. … Continue readingCollege Good-Bye

Tatum R

Northwest Senior Tatum R. Tatum choose the All Season Package for her Senior Photography Sessions. It was fun to watch her change from season to season.  Tatum would like to pursue a career in Child Development and plans to attend Butler after graduation.  Best of … Continue readingTatum R